Little Red Riding Hood Shadow Theater on the Wall - English

Use your smartphone as a flashlight and audio player for a fascinating experience of silhouettes shadow theater.

  • Fascinating shadow theater on the wall play kit for kids.
  • Quality playtime or bedtime story.
  • A creative role-playing game
  • Encourages imagination and collaboration
  • Provides a unique theatrical experience
  • Playing in the dark- can be fun 
  • Play solo or with a friends


For the same kit in Hebrew, go here

    • What's in the kit?

      1. 5 figures made of durable polypropylene on wooden sticks 
      2. Booklet with the story "Little Red Riding Hood" - The classic story with minor changes and a surprise ending 
      3.  4 slides for projection on the wall
      4. Access to soundtrack audio files online including narration in English and sound effects. Listen online or download.
      5. Smartphone and slides stand
    • Age

      5+ years


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